Our Locations

Jens Thomsen has offices at the following locations:


The main office in Hamburg-Billbrook is the headquarters of our company director, our transportation and administrative management, the freight billing department, and the loading equipment administration.

Our dispatching center for transports coming from the south is located in Hamburg-Billbrook.

Currently, we have about 2000 m of warehouse available for transshipment storage and distribution of refrigerated and dry goods. The Hamburg main office is also the central hub and transfer point for our partial-load shipments to Scandinavia.

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The branch office in Gudendorf houses the accounting department, human resources, damage claims processing, and our central repair shop.

Our repair shop takes care of all service and maintenance work, as well as accident repairs for our entire fleet. It is equipped with all necessary testing equipment. A separate paint shop also belongs to this department.

Additionally, this location features a transshipment depot, a gas station, and a 450 m tire warehouse, which can hold up to 1000 tires of all sizes.

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The Güstrow branch is a counterpart to the Hamburg branch office. Here, shipments from northern Germany and Denmark are managed.

This office is also the headquarters of our freight billing department and the administrative seat of our liners. The crew planning department is the central point of contact for our drivers regarding qualification measures, training, vacation, monitoring of driving and resting periods, and fuel management. Güstrow is also the seat of our internal quality management department.

Furthermore, we have developed a vehicle service base here. It supports the central repair shop in Gudendorf. With this base, we help to ensure the high quality and reliability of our vehicles.

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